Peter Mekhaeil

I am an experienced web developer with a focus on optimizing performance and delivering a seamless user experience. I teach web development using the latest technologies.

Handsome photo of Peter Mekhaeil on the Great Wall of China

Proxying Ackee through Netlify

Ackee is an open-source analytics tool that can be self-hosted on your own server. Learn how to use Netlify Redirects to proxy requests to your Ackee server.

3 benefits interviews bring you

Not only do interviews open doors to new opportunities, they also help you sharpen your skills with new learnings. Interviews keep your career moving forward and I will share some learnings from experience.

Measuring the performance of the McLaren Racing website

We look at the McLaren Racing website and highlight improvements that will speed up their web performance. We will use tools like PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest to share techniques on improving page speed.

How to build an app with Remix and Netlify Graph

Learn how to build an app using Remix that connects with third-party APIs using Netlify Graph. We will fetch data from GitHub and use React JSX to build the UI.

Jamstack vs Traditional Web

Learn about what is Jamstack and how it compares to a traditional website. We go through the steps involved in building one, the components that make up a Jamstack site and its advantages and limitations.

How to get started with improving site performance

With so many techniques on improving site performance - how does one start learning about site performance and what are the first steps? Learn about the tools like Google Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest.

Page Speed Comparison of Singapore Commerce

Performance comparison of Singapore E-commerce stores. We look at how the sites perform and the areas of improvement that can speed up their web performance. We will use Chrome UX Report to measure the Core Web Vitals of each store and how they compare against each other.

Data Fetching in Next.js

Next.js offers different methods to fetch data for your page content - choosing the right approach for your application will allow you to benefit from the performant advantages that Next.js provides.

Improving Shopify page performance using Next.js

Learn about how Shopify-enabled online stores can improve their web page speed performance by moving across to Next.js. We will use Core Web Vitals to measure the performance that Next.js provides out of the box.

Page Speed Performance of Formula 1 Websites

Performance report using PageSpeed Insights and Chrome User Experience Report to showcase which Formula 1 team has the fastest web performance.

Be strong like your code

Staying fit and active is important to our well-being and I'd like to remind us to take care of ourselves while we code away.

Modernising an Enterprise Front End Stack

Almost any large enterprise struggles to keep their front-end code maintainable — and so did we! CSS and Javascript code bases grow large and unwieldy quite easily. With our component library, we were able to overcome these challenges.